Bangladesh is an emerging economy with huge entrepreneurial opportunities. Now, It has a 160 million population which have 61% young generation. Each year, around 2 million young are adding to the workforce where only about half of them are being employed leaving half unemployed. Without Entrepreneurship development,Skatch it is really a big challenge to create new employments for them. It is a good time to make this generation visionary facilitating and involving them more in entrepreneurial activities and which will in turn create more jobs for the economy.
The new entrepreneurs don’t have the access to the friendly capital (from entrepreneur side) to materialize their ideas or to bring high growth prospects into their innovations especially at their early stages. An adequate flow of risky capital (from investor side) in our economy could play a leveraging role to boost up entrepreneurial activities. Generally the angel investors and venture capital firms constitute this portion of risky capital for the new companies. In Bangladesh venture or angel investment culture is just at developing stage. With this effort, Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited is so formed to provide early stage funds for the new business ventures. BVCL is encouraging the young generation, specially the students to feel BVCL as their friendly element (funds) of ideations and innovations.
BVCL believes that in near future Bangladesh will be the place for the next google, facebook, skype, paypal etc. were once backed by Angel and venture capital.

About BVCL

Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited’s primary aim is to meet the early stage growth fund needs of new companies in Bangladesh fostering a Win-Win culture for all the stakeholders.

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